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Inner mountain, quiet room.


Nanjing Night Net moved to Fuzhou five turns, and it was raining finely. The Zixi was finally burned and turned into Feifei. The law of the sky and the sky is extremely depleting, and some people’s bodies are also unable to support it.

At this time, he was sitting in a quiet room, combing the sentiment of this practice.

Praying for rain five turns, on this road, run out no more. Although he knows the technique of drawing characters, the principles of Daoism contained in them have not been understood and they cannot be copied for the time being.

However, the harvest is also very high.

First of all, he figured out the law of praying for rain. The so-called pray for rain is not to control the sky but to sense the sky. The celestial phenomenon is also natural, nature is the Tao, and the ultimate goal of the monk is the unity of the heavens and the man.

Therefore, there is no control over this matter. You said that controlling storms and thunderstorms is not the case.

The ancient repairs pay attention to the sympathy of the heavens. Your cultivation is enough, and it will produce a certain kind of self-induction. With this kind of induction, it will integrate nature, go to the same tone, and communicate. There is no master-slave relationship.

Just like the earlier, the strength of Fuxi went first and the five elements in the body changed. The ethos of the five elements of the outside world changed. Fu Shi and monks are both a medium and a bridge of sympathy.


Nanjing night net suddenly startled, Jiangsu night net repair Thunder Act, in the future is not to have to experience the Thunder, and then feedback itself, and then more and more power Huang Huang, Xiongju superior, years of suppression…

Oh! Do not dare to think, dare not think.

Second, it is the legendary god.

Through personal experience, he can basically confirm that what he vowed to espouse, the Goddess of God, and the Eight Treasure Candles should all be a marketing package.

What is really useful is a curse, such as the rain spell he reads: “I call the god of water, the wall rains, the leopard, the break dance…”

These two sentences include four gods:

Wall Shui Po, one of the twenty-eight places, the seventh place of the seven places in the north.

Water leopard, seven places in the east seven places.

Jin Jinlong, the second place in the East seven places.

Jiao Muxi, the first of seven places in the East.

Since it is possible to bring down the rain, it shows the use of the spell, which in turn proves that there is really God in the world.


When Nanjing shakes its head and casts its own spells, it does not feel the existence of “Divine Presence.” What does God actually do?

It is now possible to prove that most of the myths and legends of the Xia State are systematically packaged.

For example, Zhang Daoling, Ge Xuan, Xu Xun, and Sa Shoujian are the four great celestial guards. They are often referred to as the god of heaven. After gaining their way, they are ascended into heaven and appointed as Heavenly officials.

But this is not the case. They are all immortals, or gods, or earth immortals. After ascending, they have nowhere else to go.

Another example is Jade Emperor, Jade Emperor in the fairy spectrum, is known to be relatively late.

At the time of the Song Dynasty, it was sealed by Song Zhenzong as “to open the heavens and to carry out the Imperial calendar containing the true body of the Taoist Heavenly Jade Emperor.” Even its statues and portraits were shaped only after the Song Dynasty. They were dressed in nine-clad clothes and wore twelve crowns of pearls. They were completely dressed up by the Qin and Han emperors.

The Jade Emperor said that he had thirty-six days of palms and seventy-two places under his administration. He was in charge of God, cents, Buddhas, holy days, humans, and local governments. This is a marketing tool. You see, there is a Buddha!

The Jade Emperor is a Taoist god, but he can take charge of the Buddha. It is not a system at all.

No way, the mythical system of Taoism is too chaotic. It is difficult to tell oneself, not to mention true or false, only to these descendants.


If Nanjing Night Net sat down for a long time, it would be completely puzzling. It was only faint that there was one type of God that did not exist, and one type of God appeared to exist again.

He suddenly remembered the dragon. “Hualong said”: The dragon is the essence of heaven and earth, and should be born. Will God be the same?

No, oh, not exactly!

He immediately dialectized because when he cast a spell, there was a sudden burst of power out of the body, floating above his head, intangible, and quaint.

What is that? It seems that there is a connection with God.


Nanjing Night Net can not help but sigh, from the innate to the human cents, to mundane world, see the world. From the immortal to the immortal, we must understand the goodness of the soul and the spirit.

Simple to say, how easy is it actually?

He only knows the approximate direction now, is to study the mystery of the soul, but how to do it is completely unclear!

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Pink and charming, confused.


Nanjing Night Net dipped into the mist of peach blossoms. Just after two steps, it felt like the skin was stinging like a fire burning and there was a thick acid in the corrosion. With his physical quality, he can feel tingling and shows strong toxicity.

He immediately regained his aura and wrapped his entire body, forming a transparent protective film that sequestered the poison.

He looked around and was full of greasy, sweet and sweet mist everywhere. There is no direction, no sound, and the five senses seem to be greatly weakened. Even the brains are somewhat chaotic.

If ordinary people are here, they are afraid of being confused and losing their ability to think.

Sure enough, his guess is good, corrosive, but also interfere with consciousness … Nanjing Night Net think of this, simply close your eyes, relying on God’s knowledge alone.

Ever since, in the range of more than three meters in the whole body, it has been covered with strong light, and the fog has disappeared all at once, revealing mud lands and peach trees on both sides.

The peach tree here is obviously different from the outside, full of trees, Dan Wan Dan, only crimson red and light, thin and tender, like living.


Nanjing night net meal, living feel this weird. On animals, it can be said that there is spirituality on the plants. It is a little dismayed.

He picked up before reaching out and picked a peach blossom and scrutinized it. This peach is actually no stranger, but it contains a very thin Aura.

This is true for all the investigations.

Nanjing Night Network is not assured, but in turn, God read a little, Qingmang suddenly appeared. Less than two inches long, less than half an inch wide, sharp and unparalleled, it is so hung in the void, reflecting the cold light.


Immediately afterwards, the Qingmang flashed and disappeared from the sky and flashed again. It had already taken tens of meters. Its speed is like a hard life pierce the air layer, stirring up a sweltering wind.

It is not something else. It is the jade needle that has been refined after more than two months. It is also the forerunner of Nanjing Night Net.

He controlled the jade needle and made a circle around it. He drilled into one end of the peach tree and pierced it from the other end.

“Puff puff!”

Even after breaking the six or seven trees, it was discovered that the knowledge of God was drastically depleted before he took back the instruments. Then he looked around and there was no movement.


Nanjing Night Nets breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, fortunately, there is no old millennium monster, or any of the dog-killing system. Mom eggs, if you are in the Xinshoucun stage, vegetation will be able to become fine, others how to play?

This should be the role of peach itself, a two plants with aura, it seems nothing, but it is more than 20,000 acres!

According to the average calculation, 80 plants were planted on one acre plot and 1.6 million plants were planted on 20,000 mu.

Such a dense cluster of peaches gathered on the island, and close to the node, under the catalysis of a strong aura, may have changed, formed a piece of peach blossom.

This evil spirit is a good thing. It can not only attack a wide range of groups, but also provide a wide range of defenses. It is the best choice for protecting the mountains and homes.

But the problem is that he can’t get it!

Nanjing night network while walking, pondering, suddenly stop the pace, only to feel a hint of itchy and hot from the lower abdomen, soft, hemp climbing upwards, it seems like to climb through the body.


His breath shocked and changed his mind, and the strange itch disappeared.

He shook his head, he could not see any difference, and he felt that there was not much spiritual power and he left the land directly.

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He just can’t think of a bit: If IKEA doesn’t move, then… just sit back and wait?

On the other side, Huang Guangyi is meeting with Galanz’s Liang Zhan. Under the current market environment, he cannot ask the other party to sign an exclusive agreement and stop supplying IKEA. This is unrealistic.

However, tilt can.

One is the tilt of the agreement price, which will be fatal.

The second is the difference in payment methods and time requirements. In simple terms, assuming that the United States can delay the payment, first get the goods, and IKEA must pay for goods, the use of both funds will be a world of difference.

“Liang doesn’t have to rush to give me an answer. We have old friends.” Huang Guangyi has his confident capital. He smiled and put down an invitation letter on the coffee table. He explained politely: “It’s rare to have a glimpse of what’s happening in Guangdong. An old friend said it was waiting for me to finish this race and to give me a party… I hope that Mr. Liang can enjoy the time when he arrives. Hwang is waiting.”

Galanz Liang Qing looked at the invitation, some helplessness and error, if his conjecture is not wrong – it should be an invitation or even a coercion team meeting.

The mall is ruthless. This is a deserted field… Therefore, Huang Guangyi’s posture is to kill. !

And his approach is thief.

It is very difficult for a company to make a decision to stand in line. However, if the situation is one-sided, the whole trend of tilting towards Guomei will appear. Ikea’s defeat presents itself. No one will say that I choose fairness and justice for the future. Most manufacturers can only follow the flow.

What about IKEA? Liang Qingde and IKEA also have normal business contacts. There is not much tendency in their own feelings. Only one interest is considered.

He just can’t think of a bit: If IKEA doesn’t move, then… just sit back and wait?

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This is probably the most successful marketing case for the early generations of urban tourism development.

Gui province. 1993, November.

Since the beginning of the reunification of Nanjing Night Net, Xie Xing’s husband and wife helped the tea gongs to do a hot sale. They ran around the country for ten months. They are now in Guilin.

From the 90s to the beginning of the 21st century, there is a saying that is almost universally known in the land of China, and it is called “Guilin Landscapes.”

At that time, most of the people in the country were longing for the yearning. People who have grown up in this era, even if they haven’t really been there, have always had a subconscious mind: When it comes to Guilin, Guilin, it’s super beautiful.

This is probably the most successful marketing case for the early generations of urban tourism development.

Only afterwards the wind gradually changed, and the temptation of purely scenic spots began to defeat the blessings of “feelings” and “petty petty bourgeoisie,” such as Lijiang in “Aventure” and Dali of “slow life art”.

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Nanjing Night Net raised its head and thought for a moment: “There is indeed nothing else to do.”

Zheng Zeng put several investment shares in the agreement on the table, tidy up the tie, politely said: “Trouble three look, these agreements, no problem?”

Of course there was no problem with the agreement. Zhong Fang nodded vigilantly. In front of this person is not according to routines, he knows.

However, Zheng always did not show any demon moths, and he was serious about his businessmen.

“As far as I know, the investment in these three films has been distributed in dividends. The film has already been handed over to the three.” Zheng Yifeng picked out three pushes and said with a smile: “Please share the amount we deserve.”

“Yes. However, the Zhong Family is not our master now.” Zhong Fang said with care.

Zheng smiled mildly and said, “I don’t know it anyway. Anyway, what I know is that before that money, I got into three accounts. The so-called debt owed money, and it’s perfectly justified. I think the same is true for investment dividends. Right?”

There is a lot of contract spirit.

The Zhongjia trio don’t say anything. It’s not that they’re still thinking about relying on the money. It’s because the situation turned abruptly. They didn’t have enough time to withdraw too much money from the family business. The money in their hands is not. More, can not bear to come out.

“I counted it, almost six million.” Zheng Yifeng put a manuscript written in front of the three people, no hurry, not dry.

This money is the dividend of the three films. Nanjing Night Net mathematics is not good. Before and during the Zhong Cheng period, it was calculated to be about 5 million yuan. Zheng Xiaofeng said that when he took a secondary school exam, he was said to have a full score of mathematics. For some.

The bell family still does not speak.

“Small business, please also ask the three bosses not to embarrass the brothers.” Upon seeing, Zheng Qifeng cut off.

Which is this out? The more so Zheng Xiaofeng is, the more tense the Zhongjia family is, the more they are cranky.

In the end, the trio have turned out a total of 1.6 million in cash from their respective rooms. They have Tibetan possessions, but they certainly have hidden possessions, but they cannot be found.

There are still more than three million…

“This is very embarrassing.” Zheng Yufeng said with a sigh. Suddenly he said, “Yes, I suddenly remembered something. This time I came to the port city and several of our friends lived in a remote independent villa. A few days…”

He looked up at the clock and smiled and said: “I seem to have lived out of my feelings. I heard that the villa is Mr. Zhong’s private property?”

When Zheng Zhenfeng mentioned this, Zhong Fang began to be nervous because the villa could be considered as a “jail cell” in which Nanjing Night Net was under house arrest and even nearly died.

“I don’t mind buying it. I’ll give a memorial to this trip to the port city. If Mr. Zhong doesn’t mind, will we translate it?” Zheng Xiaofeng suggested.

How can Zhong Fang mind?

In the end, after the two parties finished the negotiations, Secretary Zheng received 1.6 million yuan in cash and a detached villa with a remote location.

The location of this villa is really partial, otherwise it will not be taken away. How much money it is now specific, Nanjing Night Network do not know.

However, don’t be afraid. Nanjing Night Net intends to use it as a warning to oneself. On the other hand, it can also be counted as an investment in real estate.

Think about the 2010’s media reports: The number of millionaires who spent money in a certain port city and bought thousands of mansions is often a scary way…

But in fact, the so-called 1000-foot luxury house is nothing more than a hundred square meters of houses in our country.

Therefore, this thing is a permanent property right anyway. When it comes to hand, it is definitely worth the money.

After completing the matter, Zheng Zhenfeng returned to the hotel…and talked for a while, bringing the winter child back to the room.

“Is it too cheap for them?” He lowered his voice, and he was not willing to ask Nanjing Night Net, saying: “And I am worried now that I won’t die with a snake and I will stay behind.”

“You said this, before the Zhong Cheng period also came to tell me.” Nanjing Night Net laughed and said: “He wanted me to help, scrawl… I pushed, said his family, let him handle it.”

“Oh, but is he? It’s a bag.” Zheng Yifeng is a bit unsure.

“You’re wrong,” said Nanjing Night Net. “It was precisely during the Zhong Cheng period that those who were afraid of death and the weak did not dare to resist. Once they were turned over, they would be poisoned until we could hardly imagine it because of fear and fear. He will be particularly hysterical, and he will be particularly easy to do. He knows, just from his own point of view. You see that he decided to give up Zhong Zhen and Zhong Yin.

Nanjing Night Net finished this sentence.

Zheng Xiaofeng was silent for a moment and said with a sigh of relief: “How could I suddenly feel a cold handstand? Will we be bitten by him one day?”

“Let him always be afraid to do it.” Nanjing Night Net smiled.

In this world, there are indeed some things that are not very good. Since it is inevitable to get in touch with them, the solution is to make them stronger.

After leaving this slightly obscure topic, Nanjing Night Net volunteered to say: “Zhong Zhen and Zhong Yin are over there. I talked to them. The current considerations, some industries in Zhongjia involved in black, will change hands and they can’t control. We do not need to touch too deeply on those things. In this regard, we have enough to make friends and we should not go into battle on our own.”

Zheng Xiaofeng thought for a moment and nodded in agreement.

“Then I planned to set up money to set up an entertainment brokerage company. In this case, Opeshan had just contacted the other side and had promised to join. There are still some people left. I am going to talk about it in person on these two days. Then, I and the Donger first go back. You and the old man left the helpers Zhong Zhen and Zhong Yin to get things right.”

Zheng Xiaofeng said: “OK, what else is there for me to do?”

Nanjing Night Net raised its head and thought for a moment: “There is indeed nothing else to do.”

“What happened?”

“Repay the money, but also a human feeling.”

This world is a bit bad. Nanjing Night Network is not a universal saint. He cannot change too much. Therefore, there are three things that are important in his ability:

Let evil-loving people fear fear.

Let the malicious people pay the price.

Respond to people who give goodwill.

Only in this way can the world be better.

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Nanjing Night Net laughed and said: “You can’t lose, go.” Then he whispered in his ear.

“You must remember this when you teach you these things. When you first lie down, you can lie down and play with him. If you don’t block, you can wait. The rest of the days are long. You don’t have to learn or teach. ”

“The taste of the place there is, you slowly come out of the product.”

General Liu was waiting in the room. A forty-something woman was sitting on the edge of the bed and took her hand to explain the incident in the bridal chamber.

“Ah, note it.”

General Liu nodded, whispering, and then turned his head.

Married this year, hijab is naturally unnecessary, she wore a red, gold necklace hanging bodice pendant on the neck, gold bracelet on the wrist bright.

In the past, some people laughed at her and said that whoever wanted to marry Liu Liuliu would have to spend a couple of dollars on a bracelet, and her wrists were thick.

Now the gold bracelets on her wrist are big and round.

The bracelet is not a tri-gold gift. It is a dowry. Liu Jia is also a real man, thinking about the amount of tribute sent by Sandun, giving him no more than a few dowry, and simply replacing the rest of the money with gold, giving Liu generals the chance to make jewelry and bring them back.

Sometimes I think that this life can meet Sandun, General Liu will be so big that everyone will be happy tears.

However, she wants to laugh now, trying hard.

“Hey, you’re embarrassed with your sister-in-law, so what if you got into the bridal chamber? You told me, ah, a man and a woman get a baby, it’s a good idea.

In fact, these words were supposed to belong to General Liu’s mother. It was a coincidence that her family’s relatives and daughters took over the midwives and understood much more. This livelihood was given to her.

“Hey, I’m listening to it.” General Liu laughed miserably, and said that the old woman’s bed had lost two. How did you see I am embarrassed?

The nephew said, “That’s good. The blind man then tells you how to get it. He can be pregnant with her baby sooner.”

“Oh, we didn’t want to have children so soon.”

“Then listen first, remember…” The blind man continued.

This is the inside of the hut.

Outside the cottage, Liu’s gate is closed.

General Liu said that she was old in the front yard and the old man who was holding a smoking bucket was asking: “What are you doing, Uncle II? You toss it and toss it. If one person drives away, you let my family go. What should I do?

“Opening him, can you.” The second uncle took a sip of smoke and said: “Last hundred years, if we left Xia Yuan, we would be a big family, and we would like to marry, or both. When will we be unable to match? ”

The general replied with resignation: “People have never said that they can’t match…. Really, their relatives are not arrogant and speak well.”

“His family did not say that Manchuxia was talking about this. It was not good to hear.” The uncle said, “You can’t help but point out that I can do this for goodness. Now I have to help her.” Pressing the opposite side, she later became the home of rich people. Did you know that? I don’t have much trouble, so just put down the Liu family and you can feel at ease.”

The general looked at him and said nothing and turned away.

After a while back, he took a rope.

The uncle said nervously: “Liu Dalong, what do you want to do with your rabbit?”

The general said: “You and I are old, but you can’t use your strength to hurt me. Be careful and hurt. I’ll be considerate of marrying my daughter.

“You… Liu Dalong, dare you?”

“Oh, Er Shugong, you looked at me and grew up. I’m not sure when you’re done?” The general took a rope and made a circle. He went to the next one and tied it up. He said, “I’ll hold the two uncles for a while. On the cart.”

“I, I won’t go.” The uncle was tied up and struggling.

“What can that be?” Liu Dalong said with a smile: “Uncle Ergong, actually, this is because I know it for you. Otherwise, when you come back to your granddaughter and marry someone, you can After being stricken, Jun Jun can throw their groom officials into the mud.”

He put the untied uncle to the backyard.

Open the door.


Tang swiftly sprayed a sip of wine and looked up and asked, “The door is open. Can you pass?”

Behind him, the Forty Brothers were all swaying and drank. Compared to drinking, the gangs from Linzhou couldn’t drink the Liu family.

“This is over?” Obviously has the upper hand, Liu family back.

“The second uncle said that this had been considered.” The general said flatly.

“The next level.”

“There is no next pass.” The general said: “Is it time?”

“That’s no good, then we’ll change things faster.” Some relatives of the Liu family are drunk. They can’t help themselves. These people can’t say that they are bad. They just don’t always get used to it.

“That line, it made the bride and groom have a good wrist. On good days, I also know that everyone is happy,” said Nanjing Night Net.

The Liu family thought for a moment. The meaning of the uncle’s uncle was not to want to pressure one to let General Liu to pressure himself better. Before he married, he divided the strengths and weaknesses. They know that Liu will win.

Zhao Sandun pulled Nanjing Night Net outfit behind him. “Ce Columbia, I can’t.”

Nanjing Night Net turned and said: “Didn’t you say that she lost the last time she kidnapped you?”

The three piers were wrongly looking at Nanjing Night Net. “I don’t know if her strength is getting bigger or bigger, or my strength is getting smaller. In short, I’m going to lose.”

Nanjing Night Net laughed and said: “You can’t lose, go.” Then he whispered in his ear.

On the other side, the general repented and knocked on the door and said something to Liu Yongjun. The fun Liu Jiangjun agreed.

The half-timbered table outside the house, the bride and groom smashing their wrists, this is an anecdote, the first time, spectators crowded the yard, cheers and applause, excited.

“One, two, three, start.”

Sandun’s hand began to tilt outwards.

He found himself really hungry…

“So what, Che Ge and Zheng sent us a large iron bed. Lin Zhou’s sister, hey, the trustee gave a foreign imported Simmons mattress.” Sandun whispered according to the instructions of Nanjing Night Net. .


General Liu will be happy with his horse and put his hands directly on his back.

Sandun won.

“I’ll be strong in the house afterwards. You’re strong outside the house.” General Liu lost no trouble. He looked up at him and smiled and said, “Take it easy, Sandun, I know you.”

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Nanjing Night Net had no choice but to overcome the embarrassment and get off with him.

“How is it?” The bus that was rented took a turn, and the car that he drove was now. There were already several drivers who took the driver’s license in Tang’s group. This car was ready to go straight to Xiayuan. .

Through the window, Nanjing Night Network saw a long circle of people in front of them. There was a slight buzzing and squeaking.

“Hurry up. Look at the past.”

At this time, Zhao Zhengbin and others actually just surrounded the villagers with tea, and it was less than 20 people. He was in no hurry.

One by one, his eyes swept over, but he did not find Nanjing Night Net. Zhao Zhengbin took a pipe and pointed at Madi: “How come you came to die, and the kid named Jiang did not dare to come?”

Madi smiled and said, “For you, Che Ge will not dare?”

In fact, he already knows that these people are stupid today. Obviously, Nanjing Evening Net will not allow them to come. They have repeatedly said that they do not use it.

However, after hearing from Nanjing General Manager Liu Yongjun about 40 people, they did not feel relieved. After they left the hotel in Nanjing Night Net, they still rushed.

The result was earlier than Nanjing Night Net.

Originally wanted to take a look at the results, because the result is not familiar with the terrain, no experience, a pedestrian was exposed across the distance, directly rushed by more than 140 people to come around, the situation is very bad.

“Well, you have a kind of species. I would have one of you who was going to be abolished, and that name was Jiang.” Zhao Zhengbin said: “He is useless to hide and I will find him.”

When many people bully people, the bully is always very active, thinking about the limelight, Zhao Zhengbin stretched his fingers and the crowd swarmed over.

The villagers of tea and tea raised their hands with wooden sticks and other weapons.

“You don’t want to move.” Madi shouted, standing at the same time, he knew that once he got up, everyone had to suffer. He believes that Nanjing Night Net will come and will try to fight for a meal.

The tea villagers paused.


Zhao Zhengbin took advantage of this opportunity to hurry up and dumped Ma Di’s water pipe directly. Ma Di flashed a bit and hit the ribs with a grimace and a mouthful, but his teeth didn’t make a sound.

Zhao Zhengbin waved again and he flashed off.

“Press and hold the person, I want to interrupt him one leg.” Zhao Zhengbin shouted.

More than a dozen people are ready to use.

At this time, “Ze ~”

Braking sound.

People on both sides turned and looked at the bus that stopped for more than ten meters.

This car was inexplicable, because this road was originally built for mining, and the mine fell. This road has been abandoned for several years. Therefore, the bus did not make any sense to turn in. It was probably the other person.

I couldn’t think of the country busters willing to spend money this time. Zhao Zhengbin was cautious and asked: “Is there any later?”

The people around looked at it with a lame look and said: “No.”

In this way, he was relieved that a passenger car could only be stuffed in forty or fifty people, and it was still less than half of his own.

The tea villagers are all looking at the car. They certainly know who they are.

The door opened and the sound came at the same time.

“I advise you to release Madi first.”

Did not see people, the sound of Nanjing Night Network is not so familiar, Zhao Zhengbin disdain responded and said: “What the hell are you?”

“I’m Grandpa Zheng,” said Zheng Yifeng, answering a sentence and reaching for Nanjing Nights, who was ready to get up and said: “Wait a minute, wait, wait and see what happens. Let’s go on… Hong Kong is like this.”

Nanjing Night Net has no choice but to think about it or not, and the time when the men in their suits face each other will be set off, so that they will not be confused for a while.

The first person got out of the car and Tang even had a large body. He wore a suit in his suit.

Opponents are all dumbfounded.

Followed by Chen Youli, Qin Heyuan, Black Five, Zhao Sandun, all of them are exactly the same dress.

The people in the car went down and there were still 140 people on the opposite side.

Because this is not looking at Hong Kong films, why do we say good rural people will suddenly join such a group of guys who could not be found in Gyeongju?

Throughout Gyeongju, there was no such thing as fighting. No, no fighting or no fight.

In the end, more than forty men in suits are swayed in front of them. The number of people who add samovars is still less than half the number of Zhao Zhengbin’s side, but the momentum is already completely two levels.

Zhao Zhengbin reluctantly laughed and said: “Why, in a suit, want to negotiate?”

“You don’t deserve to negotiate with Cheego.” Tang even gave him a look and said coldly.

Faced with the eyes of Tang Zhaozhao, Zhao Zhengbin opened his mouth, did not say anything … … what Che brother? The Nanjing Night Network? He thought that these people were teacup people who did not know where to look for them. As a result, the other party took the lead and shouted the teacher Jiaoge.

In the car, Zheng Qifeng got up and arranged his tie. He took a look at Nanjing Night Network and said: “OK, we can play now.”

Nanjing Night Net had no choice but to overcome the embarrassment and get off with him.

Going to the front of the team, Lao Zheng did not stop and continued to go forward. Nanjing Night Net had to follow. Then more than 40 people followed along.

Inexplicable pressure was so taken up by Zheng Shuji.

The party with a large number of people has already withdrawn several steps unconsciously…

“You…why do you want to curse people?” Then again, it will collapse, and Zhao Zhengbin’s heart is also in a panic. But think about his own advantage of the number of people here, and support the scene.

“What do you think?” Nanjing Night Net asked with a faint smile.

Zhao Zhengbin stepped back a few steps. He did not understand how a village teaching teacher suddenly changed.

The people he invited are even more ignorant, because the situation is obvious at the moment and the other party is not ordinary. The only suits are those forty or fifty suits, which is not what they dare to think about. Once the miscellaneous money is very rich, it must be a big man.

“Kicked him first.” Zhao Zhengbin was anxious and intellectual, and turned to point at Ma Di shouting.

“Push people away first.” Nanjing Night Net said: “With a knife back.”

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Zhao Zhengbin leaned on a “lada” car and shredded a half-draft smoke.

Zhao Zhengbin leaned on a “lada” car and shredded a half-draft smoke.

This is a small valley at the foot of Houshan Mountain in the former No. 2 Middle Iron Village of Gyeongju. It is surrounded by red clay hills that have lost vegetation, and is run through an abandoned highway.

In the past few years, there were groups of people at this level in Gyeongju, but almost all of them were famous here.

Zhao Zhengbin himself is here to group more than three times.

But this time, it was the largest one. This time he even called out to spend money, and called more than 140 people.

Now, on the spot, all kinds of wooden sticks, water pipes, and bicycle chains squeak, and their momentum is extraordinary.

“Brothers with knives are set aside first, lest they scare people away. There are still a few moments to try not to kill people.”

“So what, I told you, the other party is a group of rural peasants, and the brute force is estimated to be quite large, but people are few and everyone should not panic. It would be good to have them together. After lunch, I invite my brothers to have dinner.”

In fact, these people divided the number of calls, and some even Zhao Zhengbin was not very familiar with himself. He deliberately froze it.

He mainly feared that someone was rushed by the fierce people like Zhao Sandun and his confidence collapsed.

Hong Kong films, especially the popularity of the gangster films, let Zhao Zhengbin find a kind of rivers and lakes, feel vertical and horizontal, raised his eyebrows, and he asked: “Is it moving?”

The person standing on the small soil bag shook his head and said: “I can’t see someone come over.”

“Isn’t that the country’s rumored to dare to come?” someone said.

A burst of laughter.

Tan Wenkang stood beside Zhao Zhengbin and said: “If they dare not come, this matter…”

“Of course, continue to engage in ah, get their small business can not be completed, and then the name of Jiang’s interrupted a leg, throw the door of Zhang Yuqing’s throat, will be finished.”

“…” Tan Wenkang sometimes feels that as a friend of many years, he is probably not so suitable to continue with Zhao Zhengbin, and in fact, Zhao Zhengbin has increasingly despised him.

“All in all, don’t kill anyone. Zheng Bin.” He finally reminded me.

In the past two years, the society has been very chaotic. Fighting and fighting have been commonplace. However, there are basically a large number of people who can’t run without crowds.

“I know.” Zhao Zhengbin waved.

“Come on,” cried the man on the slope, pointing to the corner of the junction not far from him.

“how many people?”

“More than 20.”

Zhao Zhengbin was relieved, and turned to look at his own side of the battle. “Put up and block it so that we don’t see people running around.”

140 people rushed out…

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Nanjing Night Net blew it up and it was not enough to turn around.


Nanjing Night Net blew it up and it was not enough to turn around.

“Fighting for victory, winning for victory… Don’t worry about it.” Zheng Xiaofeng ran back and said with a warm smile: “Hello, I’m a good brother of Nanjing Night Net. My name is Zheng Yufeng, you Is Lin Yujing?”

If it is Nanjing Night Net, Lin Yujing really does not know what to do. In the face of the strange two-faced Zheng Zhenfeng, she nodded awkwardly: “Ah.”

“Reassuringly, except for you, everyone in Nanjing Night Network wins.”

Secretary Zheng finished this sentence and felt quite proud of himself. He felt that he had spoken a wonderful sentiment for Nanjing Night Net.

Lin Yujing looked over his shoulder and looked at Nanjing Night Net. He said that I didn’t trip on him that day.

“Yes, I heard you squat on your shoulder?” Nothing was found wrong, Zheng Xiaofeng continued: “I told you that Lao Jiang was all crazy and crazy, and I’ve never seen it for so many years. He passed this way, so rest assured that we must take revenge for you.”

Seeing that the more he said, the Nanjing Night Network had to go past and dial him on the shoulder and said: “Lao Cheng …”

“Why?” Zheng Yifeng looked at his watch and felt that he did not have to worry about time.

“You go outside and wait for me for a while.”

“Just met for the first time, chat together…” Zheng Zhenfeng took a look at it. Then he took a look and finally realized that the situation was not quite right. “You talk.”

Zheng Xiaofeng was gone and walked and said, “It seems to be awkward. It’s no wonder why I didn’t want to marry somehow. I thought about it this time, but I didn’t want it anymore…. Hey, what’s so great about this girl?”

Zheng Xiaofeng went outside, turned a corner, turned back and squatted under the corner of the tree.

“What did he just say at the end?” Lin Yujing deliberately looked away and didn’t watch Nanjing Night Network Road.

Nanjing Night Net hesitated and said: “…I didn’t hear.”

“Oh, I hear it small. Is it that you usually dislike me in front of your friends?”

“No, how could it be?” Nanjing Night Net wanted to open the subject and returned to respond to her previous question: “That, you can win, don’t worry.”

Recovering his gaze, Lin Yujing took a positive look at today’s Nanjing Night Network as a whole. She froze a bit, this night in Nanjing, the West Assembly tie, if the knot … … stop.

“Strange people, wearing such a good look to fight.” In order to ease his panic, Lin Yu Jing sighed.

Nanjing Night Net laughed.

Lin Yujing raised his face.

“Can you really win?”


“But don’t hurt.”


“That…it’s okay, you go to fight.”

“……it is good.”

He did not move, Lin Yujing made a move to catch flies with his hands. “Go.”

Nanjing Night Net nodded, turned and walked forward.

“So what,” Lin Yu Jing said behind her, “I didn’t worry about you, you don’t want to think about it. I couldn’t wait for you to be killed… Hey, hey, heavenly gods and bodhisattvas, this sentence is not just this sentence.” fake.”

She spoke up her head.

This should be the murderous morning, Nanjing night net suddenly a bit sour, but also want to laugh, both tried to endure.

“Anyway, I didn’t worry about you and I wouldn’t forgive you. You shouldn’t be sentimental… I won’t meet you afterwards. I’ll be unhappy to see you.”

“……it is good.”

She did not speak again. After a while, footsteps came and Lin Yujing hurried away.

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Then Nanjing Night Net was “abandoned.”

In the afternoon of the same day, Zhang Yuqing once again appeared in front of the promotional booths of Nanjing Night Net.

Then Nanjing Night Net was “abandoned.”

The situation is somewhat puzzling, but Zhang Yuqing is very direct. She seems to be brewing for a long time just to say this.

“Nanjing Night Net, I want to say, I used to… I like you a bit… I guess you can feel it too. I thought about it yesterday. Then I wish you and me quietly to achieve good results.” She stood in front of the booth. Some of them said.

Another knife, not because of being abandoned, but the latter half.

“…Thanks.”Nanjing Night Net smiled hard and tried to be very calm.

“Can you be a friend?”

“of course can.”

“Well, I’ll go first.” Zhang Yuqing took two steps and returned. “If you can, then don’t fight Zhao Zhengbin. I listened to Tan Wenkang and said, “You have made appointments in time and place. After all, you come from other places.” …”

Nanjing Night Net took a look at her and interrupted with a smile: “This is another way.”

Open his mouth and hold back, did not say anything more, Zhang Yuqing left the stall after a long time and looked back at Nanjing Night Net.

Only she knew it herself, just this morning, the coat of the “official second generation” had been stripped from Nanjing Night Net.

Zhang Yuqing was informed by Tan Wenkang early in the morning and knew that Nanjing Night Network really should have left the group and had time and place with Zhao Zhengbin.

This is not in line with her understanding of Nanjing Night Net. It is not entirely unreasonable to explain, but the skeptical heart comes together, followed by a lot of “wrong” to follow.

Including the home of Nanjing Night Net, he said.

Confused, Zhang Yuqing brave enough to go to the city government, and asked the guard who changed his post… The result was that the government of Qingzhou did not have a leader named Jiang.

This is the case, she still can not be sure, until the coincidence, she saw Huang Xiaoyong … … At that time in the tea-Mountain Road, she actually saw Huang Xiaoyong, and Nanjing Night Net together down the mountain.

Before saying this, Zhang Yuqing actually had some struggles and had not even eaten lunch, but he still chose to say it.

Now, looking back, Nanjing Night Network is still standing there, quietly selling to people the specialty of tea, still has a good-looking side face and a bright smile.

Never was he lying, but Zhang’s own subjective wishful misunderstanding, and now he … … Zhang Yuqing bite his teeth and turned.

She did not return to her home but went to Lin Yujing’s home.

“Quiet, come out, your cousin is coming.” Lin Yujing’s mother shouted to the room, then turned to explain with Zhang Yuqing: “This stupid kid came back yesterday and the result went out in a circle, saying that she was hit by a shoulder It’s on the tree… You said she was stupid?”

Lin Yujing came out of the room and shouted his cousin.

“You see, my eyes are sore and painful, and I wouldn’t stay in the room for the day.” Lin continued.

Zhang Yuqing got up and said: “Then, auntie, I’ll go quietly and walk away.”

Zhang Yuqing took Lin Yujing out of the house and told her directly that Nanjing Night Net really had an appointment with Zhao Zhengbin.

“Zhao Zhengbin has been mixed in the society for the past two years. At home, there is a little money. I listened to Guan Yuemei and said that he can call hundreds of people…. So do you want to persuade Nanjing Night Network? Let him endure this time. Well, lest I suffer.”

Did he really run to fight with people? Lin Yujing hesitated and said: “I don’t care about him.”

That is to say, but in fact, my heart will still worry: “As a big liar like him, he certainly will not bite the scalp to lose out, sure? What if he is anxious to make a fool? Because of me, oh, I don’t care about him… No matter he, Lin Yujing, you can’t worry about him.”

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